Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New place to climb

Something sad happen 2 weeks be precise its on 10th Aug 2008. I won't say its a very sad occasion to many people, but definitely for many rock climbers. It is the day Summit Rock Climbing Gym close down. They have been operating there for about 4 years now and from what I heard, the owner of Summit decide to increase the rent hence they are forced to moved out.

To be honest, the sport of rock climbing in Malaysia did grow but not at a very good pace. Over the years I have been climbing, the crowd still seem to be the same old bunch wherever I met. Ones or twice we see some new faces but they are more like those "try ones" type.

With the closure of the Summit climbing and my regular climbing kakis now have to look for other places to climb. We try to avoid going to Camp5 as the fee there is very very expensive, but ones a while we have to go there to feed our addiction for climbing. Else will do more outdoor climb.....if the weather permits.

Its already the end.....

Didn't realize I have not blog for about 2 months now...and I also didn't realize the last time I blog was just before mhy last diving trip.

In the previous blog....I am wondering whether will I call a quit on my DMT programme. Well the status now is about 90% completed, I just left my 4 stamina exams then I can be certified as a PADI DM already.

Due to some unforseen circumstances, I have decided to put on hold the DM training. My plan forward in diving now is to go for some fun dives a year and enjoy each dive I make. I will still continue to update myself on dive theories, skills and developments....however for the time moment, no courses...only pure fun dives :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Is it the end.... ????

I am blogging this few hours before driving off to Lang Tengah with a mission. The mission is to complete all my practical PADI Divemaster exams. Its quite hard to do the practical exams when you are doin the course part time, as it involve goin to the island a lot. Anyway....left 2 more exams and I am gonna finish it this time.

This takes me back....think a bit, how it all begin. I must say that since day one I dive, most of my dives (80+ %) are training dives. Meaning its some sort of course....or learning. I have lost touch with the real reason I venture into diving, which is to enjoy my dives and take photos.

I am not saying I hate the training or I am regretting it. I like it a lot, it helps my skills and knowledge regarding SCUBA diving much. More importantly it helps me to promote the sport to many friends and family.

However when I look back, I do feel I need to get back into my real purpose of diving. Will this means the end for my dive training....hmmmmm....for now, I think most probably yes.

Soon I will be able to shout "FUN dive here I come" whenever I go on a dive trip :)

Saturday, May 24, 2008


OK...I need to declare that I am not making any profit from Facebook by putting their name on the title of this posting :P

Anyway.....I am quite amazed by Facebook. When they launch....people is saying that they are only copying becoz friendster come 1st. Actually both are using the "6 degrees of separation" priciple in building the application. Basically it means friends meet friends and the the network expend from there.

What friendster did best, facebook expend it further. It encorporates advertisements, business opportunities, fun applications (I love Superpoke) and many many more. Also its build using Ajax...which enhances its GUI and user friendliness.

When I sign up, I am a bit sceptical that it will out-perform friendster. Well....little that I know, now it seems to be more succesful that friendster. I also begin to log into facebook more often than friendster now. Friendster try to introduce applications now, but I doubt it will be able to catch up anymore unless they come out with something new that is radical, interactive and fun.

Lastly....wanna say good job to for the good application. Also...for those who wanna add me ah, can search by my name (Kum Weng) lor :)

Updates my previous posting, I found out that I have not been blogging for a long time d. Now....I realize its more than 2 months since my last posting....which is even long.

Not sure whether those who frequent my blog still do so, but my best guess is that they do not since I no longer update this blog. Anyway....guess have to start blogging n promoting my blog ones again now.

Well....some updates:

I started to climb mountains again....being Gunung Nuang is the most I frequent. The fact that its bout 40kms away from my home and its very challenging, makes it a good place for me to workout n train my stamina. I can't hide the fact that I have a passion for the mountains (its still my No 1 passion) and being busy with work makes it hard to organise long trips. So a day trip to Gunung Nuang is just perfect. I am trying to make it a monthly daytrip event....try to go at least ones a month.

Normal lor....still busy lor. Being in an SI company doin projects has its benefits and disadvantages also. The no 1 best benefit is that it is never boring as u change boss (client lor) very often based on ewhat project you do. You get to see a lot on many industry such as manufacturing, financial...etc etc.
Main disadvantage is that ur time is seldom predictable. Its especially hard if u wanna plan long holidays. Sometimes due to project commitment, we have to sacrifice some of our personal engagement.

DM Course
One word sums it all "dunno-lah". I cannot see the conclusion to this as I am busy with work and instructor busy with something else. So.....dunno-lah.

Getting stronger by the day :D

Hmmm....think got make some new friends....hope din make any new enemy. Anyway....most of my friends are those who share the same passion aas me, so if I don organise more activities that relate to our passion...I think our friendship is fading slowly.

Oklah...that's bout all this time. More to come in the future :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Realize that it is almost a month since I last posted anything in my blog...haihzzz. Not sure why I just can't find the words to put in here each time I wanna blog something. Well, this time is not any different also, just some update on myself:

Finally ended my 2 1/2 months now back to work. I'm still working with the same company, only diff now is that I am a permanent staff now...previously I was on contract.

I must admit....not having ride my bike for almost 2 months n suddenly ask me to zig zag through peak hours traffic in KL does get me a bit scared. Anyway I am glad to start working again.

DM course:
Manage to finish few exams, namely the CW exam and also the theory exam. Still got few more exams, however those can be scheduled along with my work schedule.

Also the most happy thing is that I brush up a lot on my swimming skill during this 2 1/2 month break. I have very lousy swimming skills and I see swimming as an art of survival instead of a sport, so I always wanted to brush up on it. Finally got to do what I always wanted.

Still happy loving with my lovely grows stronger by day

Well...that's all for now...again I have stumble upon a mental block and dunno what to write d :(

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hometown during CNY

Was back to hometown with sayang last weekend and while jln jln at nite...I took some shots of the CNY decorations in Jonker Street.

The whole place is decorated with rows and rows of red lanterns.

Some of the buildings have red spot lights shined on pillars and their roof to make them more "red" in colour.

Fantastic decoration.

Even the Dutch buildings are not spot lights are everywhere....making the pillars, roofs and walkway red in colour.


As can we forget bout the food. Tried out another laksa (curry noodle) stall in Jonker Street...and its yummy.

Also...there is always the cendol.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Pom ciak ciak

A friend of mine call just now and this is what she said..... "Siew, wanna go pom ciak ciak tomorow nite ???" For a moment I pause.....nothing goes through my mind except for the question "what is pom pom ciak ???". I know I heard the phrase b4...but just dunno it has any practical implication.

After pausing for quite sometime with my friend yelling "hello hello hello" few times on the other side of the phone.....I ask her "Errr....what is pom ciak ciak ah???". Then she told me..."Go clubbing lor !!!"...which got me more puzzled...since when clubbing become pom ciak ciak.

Anyway since I consider myself to old for these kinda activities anymore...I politely decline my friend's invitation to pom ciak ciak tomorow nite.

Learn a new phrase today "pom ciak ciak" == clubbing...hehehehe

Monday, February 11, 2008

:: CNY :: --Making fishie--

Every year without fail....the trees at my home in Malacca will be decorated with "fishes" during CNY. Well...its actually paper fishes make from ang pow and I am proud to be the maker of these fishes...hehehehe.

Usually I'll make ard 30-40 fishes a year, however due to the reduction of trees at my home this year...I make only ard 20 fishes.

Prepare the angpows....lots of them if u intent to make a lot of fishie.

1 single angpow usually can make only 1 fish, however if the angpow is long enuf, you can make 2 fishie.

Fold 1 end of the ang pow.

Then cut the angpow....use only the folded end to make the fish.

Cut out the shape as in the pic above on the folded part of the angpow.

Then snip a small portion away from the tip of the angpow this pic its the tip on the left corner of the angpow.

Open the folded ang pow and cut a line at the middle, directly on the line where you fold the ang pow just now. Cut about 2 inch.

Cross the end part to form the tail and staple the part where my finger is holding.

Make sure you staple it correctly.

Lastly hang a red string and tie a loop at the tree. on the tree.

For those who would like a live demo from me, please let me know :)